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Delicate and classic design with a strong personality, a touch of modernity and time tradition.

This elegant and refined table base, is made of stainless steel 24k plated metal tubular base and Marquina marble top.
Robust, sophisticated and unexpected, a table that stands out for its eccentric and eclectic elegance. The combination of materials creates a union that suggests stability of the structure and high quality of the design.
With this table, the base becomes a light component, while the tabletop assumes a significant importance.
The radial structure highlights the lightness of the elements that compose it and help to create a dynamic design.
The top, carefully created, gives the table a cozy and pleasant look.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel; Marquina Marble; Michelangelo Statuary Marble; Calacatta Gold Marble
Finishes: Polished Marble, 24k Gold Plated
Dimensions: L 300 cm. x W 150 cm. x H. 78 cm.
L. 118,11 in. x W. 59,05 in. x H. 30,70 in.
Handmade in Italy and shipped worldwide in 12-16 weeks
Limited Edition of 7

Shipping: Please note that for all furniture items we will email you a separate shipping quote as those items need crating and specialist shipping. Delivery times vary depending on the chosen level of service. 

Price starting from 30.000 €


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