Oasis Armchair

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A modern, elegant and timeless armchair, characterised by its comfort and functionality, with an original design.

The curved stainless steel structure reveals a large and welcoming seat that houses a very soft full grain leather cushion. An armchair that can easily fit into your home or studio, matching perfectly with other elements of the collection, such as the Daybed in the same collection. A versatile element, that can enhance the warmest and most refined environments with its personality, like architectures with a rigorous design. Studied in every detail, this is a piece of furniture that can adapted to any decor as it will be the key element of the room.

With very precise handcrafted detail, the armrests gives its characteristic form to this piece.

Upholstered with 16 individual panels. Individual panels are cut, hand-welted, and hand-tufted with leather buttons produced from a single cowhide. The cushions are premium quality, highly resistance urethane foam with down-like dacron polyester fiberfill.

It is also available with a coordinated footrest, that allows you to stretch your legs giving you the rest you need. The armchair and the footstool have an inner frame made of tubular steel and profiles, polyurethane foam padding.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel 316L; Full Grain Leather: Black, Dark Red, Brown, White; Memory Foam mattress and cushion; Staves in beech wood
Finishes: Gold Electroplated
Dimensions: L. 80 cm. x W. 80 cm. x H. 58 cm.
L. 31,49 in. x W. 31,49 in. x H. 22,83 in.
Made to order in 8 weeks

Shipping: Please note that for all furniture items we will email you a separate shipping quote as those items need crating and specialist shipping. Delivery times vary depending on the chosen level of service. 

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