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We are seeking visionary people with a passion for entrepreneurship to join us as regional partners and represent our company in various countries around the world. Our regional partners will represent us in the region of their choice, ideally in the area where they are most active. As a regional partner, your primary mission will be to attract buyers, which you can achieve through your existing networks. By becoming one of our regional partners, you will earn a commission of 20% on the money raised, as well as a bonus for your efforts. The role of a regional partner is completely voluntary, and you are encouraged to contribute as much as you are able. If you are interested in becoming a regional partner, please complete our questionnaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the regional partners are being compensated?
 Yes, 20% of the product price sold plus various bonuses.

What are the expected responsibilities of the regional partners?
Regional partners are expected to attract buyers or entrepreneurs, which can be achieved through their existing networks. They can promote our design pieces by speaking about them and marketing them.

How the regional partners’ work being structured and organized?
Usually, we require you to provide us with an action plan.

What is your expectation of deal flow and referrals from me in my market? Are there a minimum number of deals per year that you would like to see from my region?
Actually, we don't have a quota or a target that you need to achieve. Your performance will depend on how active and well-connected you are.

Once signing this contract, will I be the exclusive regional representative of Daniele Toesca in my country?
There is no exclusivity in the region where you will be selling. In the future, if sales are substantial and you demonstrate competence, we may grant you exclusivity in a specific area, city, or country of your interest.

How do you handle cases in regions with more than one regional partner?
Having more than one regional partner in the same country is not a problem at all since each partner has their own contacts and typically pursues different opportunities. In many cases, there is even collaboration among partners. Please note that the country does not limit you in any way. A regional partner can attract buyers or entrepreneurs from outside their country. Regional partners are associated with a specific country since they are our primary contact in that area. We aim to enable buyers to contact individuals in the same country who speak the same language to inquire about Daniele Toesca.

Can I be a regional partner for more than one country?
Yes, you can usually list more than one country as long as you have a phone number and frequently visit those countries. We want our regional partners to be responsive, so please include only the countries in which you have an active phone number. Also, note that you will not be limited to only these countries.

Is there a specific term for this agreement or can I step away from the position at any time?
The role of a regional partner is non-obligatory. The regional partner may terminate this Agreement at any time, for any reason, by providing Daniele Toesca with written notice of such termination, at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance.


We appreciate any efforts that you are going to do filling this document out and we believe it will be a good starting point to explore potentials and understand how we can proceed better.

1) Fill our Questionnaire to allow us to understand how we can cooperate together. Please do answer each question in details to be able to explore the potential we have.

2) After discussion, we will send you the agreement for a review. Please note that our agreement is standard and includes many clauses for future cooperation with Daniele Toesca.

3) If you feel you want to add a clause to the agreement then please do and we will pass it to the legal team for review. Just please make sure you are using "Track Changes" when doing so, so that legal team can recognize and approve/modify what you have changed.

4) If we both agree to the terms, then we can sign the agreement together.

5) You will be given an official email account @ Daniele Toesca.

Candidate Questionnaire

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