Harmony Armchair & Footstool

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The harmonious essence: Pythagorean philosophy in design.

Harmony (from the Greek ἁρμονία “union” “proportion” “harmony”) is when different elements work together and bring pleasure.

In this piece Daniele pays homage to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who has devoted a substantial part of his work to the fate of mankind and its soul. To live a life of interior harmony and in perfect balance is, in the philosopher’s eyes, the foundation of happiness. Key of Pythagoras’ philosophical thought, harmony is the ability of talking and conversing as if to dance.

This piece has been inspired by the harmony of spheres and by Tetractys. This last one includes the Universe (one is a dot, two is a line, three is a surface, four is a solid). Tetractys represents the sequence of the three dimensions that characterise the physical universe. The arithmetical sequence of the first four natural numbers (more precisely, the first four entire positive numbers), a “quartet” that geometrically could be arranged in an equilateral triangle with a four side, that is to create a pyramid that synthesises the fundamental relationship between the first four numbers and the number ten: 1+2+3+4=10 (theosophical sum). To demonstrate the importance that this symbol had for Pythagoras (ca. 575 b.C. - ca. 495 b.C.), the school took its name and its disciples pledged the tetraktys.

“The harmony of the spheres, also called universal music, is an ancient philosophical concept the considered the universe as an enormous system made of numerical proportions. The movements of the heavenly bodies (the sun, the moon, and the planets) produce something similar to music, not audible to the human ear, but made of harmonical-mathematical concepts.

The music of the spheres combine the metaphysical principle by which the mathematical relationships not only express quantitative correlations, but also qualities that manifest themselves through numbers, shapes and sounds, all connected in an enormous model of proportions”. (Daniele Toesca)

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel  316L; Mohair Fabric
Finishes: Polished Stainless Steel
Dimensions Armchair: L. 97 cm. x P. 78 cm. x H. 80 cm.
L. 38,18 in. x W. 30,70 in. x H. 31,49 in.
Dimensions Footstool: Diam. 97 cm. x H. 40 cm.
Diam. 38,18 in. x H. 15,74 in.
Made to order in 8 weeks

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