Gravity Daybed

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Gravity: Unbelievable, stylish and luxurious.

In 1916 Einstein formulated a new theory of gravitation: gravity is not a force like all the others, it is the property of matter of deforming time-space. Actually, gravity is not an interaction between two distant masses, but a phenomenon mediated by a deformation of space-time. However, there are sill two unresolved enigmas: the first one being the incredible weakness of gravity, billions of times weaker than electromagnetic force that rules our ordinary world; the second one is that gravity is the only interaction that has to do with space-time geometry.

Daniele wants to specify: “Gravity, the force that moves the Sun and all the other stars, that keeps together the cosmos and rule its evolution, remains an unresolved issue, not only beneath our feet (and in the movement of the stars), but in every corner of the universe, in the depths of space and time, there is a fascinating mystery that waits to be unveiled. I was interested in developing a new dormeuse, but I thought that creating it with four feet or something similar would have been to banal. So I created a new kind of dormeuse with a sculpturally elevated quality, inspired by a tiny drop of water and by the orbit of the planets around the sun. We recognise it immediately because of its elliptical shape, and it can rotate on its own axis thanks to a rotating system on which the base rests. This dormeuse combines balance, construction and the choice of materials of great class and with a sophisticated and iconic design. I want to dedicate this piece of art to the genius physicist Albert Einstein”.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel 316L; Mohair Velvet or Full Grain Leather
Finishes: Polished Stainless Steel
Dimensions: L. 205 cm. x W 105 cm. x H. 43 cm.
L. 80,70 in. x W. 41,33 in. x H. 16,92 in.
Made to order in 8 weeks

Shipping: Please note that for all furniture items we will email you a separate shipping quote as those items need crating and specialist shipping. Delivery times vary depending on the chosen level of service. 

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