Daniele Toesca Footstool DT6

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The ideal complement for the armchair of this collection: casual and comfortable shapes, soft and enveloping, large surfaces. 

The footstool is crafted around a solid frame and legs in stainless steel, and available upholstered in either of our many types of leather: black, dark red or brown.
With a style and a durability that will be modern for generations.
This stool matches perfectly the seats of the series, or can be used by itself, to create a perfect relaxing corner. This footstool has a simple design, light yet strong, a perfect combination that makes this collection practical and comfortable without sacrificing its beauty.
Upholstered with 9 individual panels. Individual panels are cut, hand-welted, and hand-tufted with leather buttons produced from a single cowhide. Cushions are premium quality, highly resistant urethane foam with down-like dacron polyester fiberfill.
This footstool is perfect for both home or office. Given the generous proportions, it can be used as a stool or enriched by the armchair that provides unrestricted comfort and support whether one is working, relaxing or even napping.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel; Full Grain Leather: Black, Dark Red, Brown, White; Memory Foam cushion; Staves in beech wood
Finishes: 24k Gold Plated
Dimensions: L. 60 cm. x W. 60 cm. x H. 41 cm.
L. 23,62 in. x W. 23,62 in. x H. 16,14 in.
Handmade in Italy and shipped worldwide in 8-10 weeks

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