Daniele Toesca Floor Mirror DT36

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Elegance with rational and functional design.

Obtained by craftsmen and hand work this beautiful decorative object will shine and light up your interior with a unique style.
The floor mirror DT36 has a structure in marble and metal with a circular base, that acts as a pivoting stand and supports the slender double glass. The three-dimensional surface, on the top, oriented with 45° angle, decomposes the space and creates interesting reflections, allowing us to mirror ourselves with another point of view.
The statuary beauty of this mirror will add light, depth and unusual perspectives to any area, from the smallest to the largest, and will surely embellish your interior, giving a touch of elegance and class in every environment.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel or Brass; Marble: Carrara or Marquina
Finishes: 24k Gold Covering
Dimensions: L. 76 cm. x W 50 cm. x H. 240 cm.
L. 29,92 in. x W. 19,68 in. x H. 94,48 in.
Handmade in Italy and shipped worldwide in 14-16 weeks


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