Daniele Toesca Floor Lamp DT46

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An elegant and sinuous floor lamp.

This floor lamp has an harmonic line that resembles the movement of a flame. A piece of furniture of great visual power that shows a remarkable sculptural and dynamic importance.
It is available in bronze or stainless steel. On the top the precious Murano glass, that presents delicate shades of color. Reflected light sparkles from the internal light fittings, thanks also to the ability to adjust the intensity of the light by using the dimmer on the cable.
A real piece of furniture that with its beautiful structure can furnish the house without invading or abuse the space.
A totem classic in which the twist of metal that wraps around the body looks like a dress sewn from a single continuous gesture, that creates a unique and perfect atmosphere able to attract the astonished glances of your guests.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Bronze; Stainless Steel; Copper; Murano Glass
Finishes: Polished

Dimensions: Diam. 30 cm. x H. 198 cm.
Diam. 11,81 in. x H. 77,95 in.
Handmade in Italy and shipped worldwide in 14-16 weeks
Limited Edition of 7

Out Of Stock

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