Dancing Geometry Coat Stand

Dancing Geometry Coat Stand

Dynamic and swirling.

One of the latest creations of the brilliant designer Daniele Toesca, that thanks to the skillful craftsmanship in stainless steel, it is for those who want a unique and entirely handmade.

Can also be used outdoors, this true piece of art with a modern and minimalist design, will help keep your spaces tidy, from hats to bags and jackets, whether at home or in office or trendy restaurant, giving an irresistible touch of elegance and class in every environment.

This coat stand is inspired by the sacred geometry, a sculptural object that dance motionless in the space, with an effect of extreme lightness, characterised from fluid lines and creates different images from different points of view.

An elegant and precious product, practical and versatile, that it looks in perfect aesthetic balance even alone, creating a state of elegant harmony. The workmanship is so accurate and seems to approach a work of goldsmith. Simply perfect in all its complexity.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel 316L
Finishes: Polished Stainless Steel; Gold or Rose Electroplated
Dimensions: Diam. 78 cm x H. 200 cm.
Diam. 30,70 in. x H. 78,74 in.
Made to order in 8 weeks

Shipping: Please note that for all furniture items we will email you a separate shipping quote as those items need crating and specialist shipping. Delivery times vary depending on the chosen level of service. 

Price starting from 5.000 €


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