Daniele Toesca Coffee Table DT33

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A circular, simple and refined swivel coffee table which is well suited to a modern and elegant living environment.

Elegant and across the board collection, DT33 is designed to live around the sofa and armchair signed by the Italian brand Daniele Toesca Studio.
Suitable and functional, DT33 doesn't neglect the aesthetics which is linear and pure, made with simple materials cured in every detail.
The composure of the design and the geometry of the elements, make it a piece of essential taste but of contemporary spirit.
Metal bands and recesses for rotation complete and enrich the table like a beautiful sculpture. 
Formal simplicity and sophisticated finishes of precious materials, give to DT33 a strong personality, perfect to enrich a living room with a refined and modern style.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel; Marble: Carrara, Old Brass.
Finishes: 24k Gold Plated; Full Grain Leather
Dimensions: Diam. 96 cm. x H. 39,5 cm.
Diam. 37,79 in. x H. 15,55 in.
Handmade in Italy and shipped worldwide in 12-14 weeks
Limited Edition of 7

Shipping: Please note that for all furniture items we will email you a separate shipping quote as those items need crating and specialist shipping. Delivery times vary depending on the chosen level of service. 

Price starting from 15.000 €

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