Daniele Toesca Armchair & Footstool DT48

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Exclusive and sculptural presence, finishes of the highest quality.

One of the most famous and important pieces of furniture, one of Daniele Toesca's most interesting projects. This iconic lounge chair exudes a timeless charm and elegance, which encompasses the designer's project path, between the avant-garde instances of the Bauhaus, the futurism and the unmistakable eclectic style of the Italian designer.
Stainless steel frame, padding in CFC-free polyurethane foam and polyester wadding. The fabric is in linen or silk.
The round shapes and the comfortable padding, that seem to mold around the body, combine art and design, and go perfectly with the bright colors for an original and trendy effect.
Extremely comfortable, it is an attractive armchair that makes you want to curl up and fully enjoy your relaxation, to discover the pleasure of being by yourself.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel; Silk or Linen
Finishes: Polished Stainless Steel 316L
Dimensions Armchair: L. 109 cm. x W 120 cm. x H. 116 cm.
L. 42,91 in. x W. 47,24 in. x H. 45,66 in.
Dimensions Footstool: L. 74 cm. x W 76 cm. x H. 50 cm.
L. 29,13 in. x W. 29,92 in. x H. 19,68 in.
Handmade in Italy and shipped worldwide in 16-18 weeks


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