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About the Ether Collection

The works of Daniele Toesca flee the touch, they are to be seized only with imagination, like playful planets, they soar into infinite space defying the laws of gravity. Necklaces of mysterious atoms in the cosmic void, they condense in an elegant dance of precious spheres, giving body to objects of essential simplicity.

Forging stainless steel to evolve it in specific areas, this is the expression of his soul evoking beauty, to the artist. It is his desire to elevate and at the same time enclose the magic secret of creation in the impenetrability of a reflection.

His sublimely unique works have a timeless charm that can be integrated perfectly in both contemporary and traditional spaces. These limited edition pieces have been created using an incredible mastery of the cold-working of stainless steel and have attracted many designers, architects and collectors worldwide, fascinated by the astonishing simplicity of its shape.

Daniele notes: “This collection was born thanks to the advice of a well-known great Italian sculptor, Giuseppe D’Angelo  who told me to keep on designing pieces of furniture, but making them evolve to become sculptures. So, unconsciously, I started to work on this new collection that doesn’t recant what I created before, but is the distinctive sign of my natural artistic evolution with its multifaceted character.

The main element that stands out to the eye of the attentive observer keeps on being sacred geometry, already to be found in my previous works. Sacred geometry is a mathematic science that deals with the shapes and their mutual relations that describes the many phenomena like the growth of plants, the orbit of planets, lights, structure of crystals, music.

Starting from the simplest and most perfect geometrical shape, the circle, which is explicated in the tridimensional shape of a sphere, the only geometrical solid that always looks the same from whichever angle we look at it and represents perfection, eternity that is recognisable in atoms, in cells, in planets and also in stellar clusters.

Albert Einstein, in 1900, said: “If we would look through binoculars and point them towards space, we would see an infinite closed line”, or in its entirety, a sphere. In this language of light there is an absolute fluidity, through which everything that surrounds us is made, and that generates all laws of physics, including the creation of the Universe in which every single part is linked to everything else and without which nothing else could exist.

The golden ratio, or as it would be called by artist during Renaissance, the divine ratio, corresponding to the Greek alphabet letter “Phi”, as a representation of the universal law of harmony and to which also organisms of humanity, plants, animals and cosmos correlate. What is represented here is thus the focal point of an energy vibration, without distinction between materiality and immateriality, since energy is everything that exists in a multidimensional universe made out of only one substance called Ether, a vibrating energy that permeates the physical void.

I hope, and deep in my heart I am sure that this work will be of inspiration to present and future generations. I want to dedicate this collection to all those who are sharing with me parts of this journey, of this magnificent, amazing Creation called Life. Thank you.”

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