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About Stellantis Armchair

Since I love simplicity, I wanted to see how it would be to rest, or better, to sit my bum on a sphere to try its effect. Obviously, I wanted this sphere to bounce back to its original shape, a natural one, after being used. To do this, I have decided not to use leather for the first time. Instead, as a cover, I used natural and environmentally friendly materials (linen or hemp), slightly made stretchy. The padding, the cornerstone of the seat, had to be what made the shape bounce back. After several experiments I chose Memory Foam, which does exactly what I needed it to do.

This is an introduction, a playful one, to the technical side of this piece. What I really wanted to do, in the inside, was to represent this hard historical time we are facing together.

Where we lay our bum, the sphere, is our Planet Earth; the paradise we live on and we need to respect. The backrest (a truncated toroid) is everything that surrounds it and that is part of this microcosm: nature, animals, the atmosphere, which have been put to test these past years. It’s truncated because it’s open to welcome others, there’s space for everyone; it’s truncated because, for some reason, there are still many unresolved aspects and too many injustices on this Earth, and we have to work hard to better ourselves and make this planet a better place. Do is for yourselves in the first place. You will feel reborn.

The three steel supports, that envelop and keep everything together, are Love, that always wins and without which nothing would make sense; Health, our own health and of the planet we inhabit (we need to learn to respect Nature); Time, a limited resource that cannot be bought and cannot be returned. We need to live more wisely the Time, the Present, we have.

The colored button on top of the sphere represents each one of us: it’s our passion, the destination, the purpose of our Lives that guides us every day. That button in the center, that’s us, yes. But remember we are just part of the whole.


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