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About Space Table

I am very attached to this new piece of my collection, which is part of an artistic path I entered a few years ago with Narcissus Chair: the Balance.

At first, I was somewhat hesitant to develop this project, then, also thanks to my significant other, Marinella, who recommended me to keep going, I accepted the dialogue with this part of myself.
I am aware of the fact that my way of creating has been changing, if compared, for example, to other projects like Origin Table and Royal Table where essence, shape, strength and timeless elegance melt together, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.

Space Table, instead, could look futuristic to some, but I think differently, since this is part of my present, or better, of the present of each and every one of us; it is part of the development that started with the series with marble and steel of another table, the Iconic Table, whose elements intersect colliding. A Fight. Who will win?

I wanted to create something that is close, in aesthetics and simplicity, to Icon Chair, made of 4 main elements (water, air, earth, fire), covered with lightened marble and with leather cushions.
In the Space Table, there is no leather, but I kept the lightened marble, specifically the Nero Marquina marble; there is stainless steel too, another natural material to which I am particularly attached, because to me it represents eternity, the strength, but also the flexibility that every one of us should have to overcome the adversities of Life. Lastly, the 24k gold coating: the mask that we struggle to take off, but when we do, we feel good with ourselves and others.

In the process of designing this piece, these big and vast marble sheets made me speechless. They were like the hedge that “from so many parts of the far horizon, the sight excludes” of the eminent poet Giacomo Leopardi. Therefore, I wanted to imagine something on the other side of the marble, and feeling an impelling guiding force inside, I drilled a hole in it and I felt better straight away. It was an internal liberation, like death is for the soul. From inside out: the Opening.
The result, after the needed adjustments, is something different from what I had in mind at the begging of the project, because, as the extraordinary Bruno Munari said “da cosa nasce cosa” (“one thing leads to another”)… and so it was. Following my Heart.

After a lot of work, here it is, finally, the real protagonist of all of this: Light, which allows the eyes to see beyond, even the eyes of an inattentive observer. Beyond, indeed! The result of all of this created a beautiful effect, that rewards me for all the long days and nights I worked of its design.

Drained but happy, and... a new door opened up in front of me, a very fulfilling door for my path that coincided with the death, on the 15th of May, of Ezio Bosso, an exquisite and masterful pianist and orchestra leader, a Poet and most of all a Man who passed away but has left us with so much. Ezio has been a big friend, a Man who disliked closed doors, and used to answer to interviewers “see, it’s open”. Whenever I listen to him, not only to his music, but also to the words he delicately and kindly spoke from his divine spirit, makes me feel small, very small, and makes me understand that the reason I am still here is that I have more to learn.
He, Ezio Bosso, the Master of Silence. He would remind us “Silence has a sound, in Music too. There is no last note, that’s a fact. Because the last note that an instrument plays is the one another one starts”.

This new paragraph is abrupt and sad, I feel it, I sense it, you feel it, but we need to go on and play another tenuous note, allowing the storm to carry us...
I want to conclude, reminding that every single element this study, or project, or path, or thought, is made of, despite the adversities and its peculiar characteristics, dialogue with what is next to it, finding a place where they meet with unexpected and secure impact. In the end, it is what should happened between us too, people who live in a tiny dot of the infinite universe. But while in the poem “Infinito” by Leopardi, the author imagined what was on the other side of that damned hedge, and had to imagine it since he couldn’t see beyond it, losing himself in a timeless, ethereal, eternal reality, to escape from a sad, gloomy, dark reality, I cut hedges and levelled hills, I picked marble, I tore down doors, like Ezio liked, to see clearer, losing myself in an endless sea. Yes, but a sea of Light.

For the first time I put together, in symbiosis, glass, marble, steel that could represent three different cultures, for example: a Chinese, an American and an African, who unite forces and their qualities to create something that brings them together. Each of them is a fundamental piece, inseparable and essential for the creation, the future and without which the biggest gift that has been given to us, wouldn’t exist: Life.

My wish is that all of this can be an inspiration to many.
RIP Ezio

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